About Infinity Furniture

“INFINITY FURNITURE LTD.” (INFINITY) is an innovative Furniture and Exterior & Interior company. Since its inception in 2010. The firm is devoted for its client’s success and satisfaction and also providing creative solutions of Furniture and Exterior & Interior Design / Consultancy / Execution for Offices, Apartments, Educational Institutions, Hotels, Showrooms, Industries, Medical Centers etc.

The firm is managed by 2 Directors. They are experienced professionals who directly look after the technical affairs in addition to management of the firm. Liaisons with the Clientele are directly maintained by the partners and senior key personnel assist them accordingly. Senior personnel are supported by adequate number of junior level professionals and supporting technical staffs.

For effective implementation of the projects with the high quality work, comparatively minimum production time, better Service, Price etc. All of our key personnel are thoroughly experienced and quite familiar with the nature of job.

INFINITY goal is to realize the client’s vision by listening to their desires and adapting to there needs, keeping an informed and involved client throughout. We each have different lifestyles; INFINITY will help create a completely functional environment, which fulfils the requirements of you and your family. We will help you make the best use of what you already possess and will use our extensive resources to find what you need. You will love what we can do together.

INFINITY provides a complete full service, from concept to completion, large or small projects, we provide individualized, personal attention that is hard to come by in today’s fast moving world. As it has worked together with all the leading organizations of the country, INFINITY is now confident enough to work any sort of job relating to Furniture and Exterior & Interior work. A talented group of employees and a confident management unit of INFINITY are leading from the front to its success.



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